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Push to Talk earmuff / peltor for team communication

Improve workplace communication with two way radio in your smartphone

Use your smartphone and earmuff for efficient team communication

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A bluetooth Push to Talk button

Push to Talk or Personal alarm from one button

Our new Push to Talk accessory with IP67 certification

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Push to talk buttons, ptt accessories, remote speaker microphone with qr code bluetooth pairing, radio bridge, cross link

June 2024 price lists for hardware are now available

Updated price lists available in Knowledge Base

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Android phone with a gateway that bridges communication to a two way radio

GroupTalk Radio Gateway

Can a Smartphone talk to a Two way radio?

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TimeWinder photos from event with old cars and people in clothes from 19th century

TimeWinder stops time with GroupTalk

TimeWinder uses GroupTalk for collaboration during its nostalgia event in Denmark

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People from Missing People looking for missing people using GroupTalk two way radio

Missing People

Missing People's search effort for missing persons with the GroupTalk service

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Offshore workers climbing on a oil platform

5G connected offshore & onshore workers with GroupTalk

The oil and gas industry is embracing technology for efficiency and safety

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Electric cars parked in a line in Norway

The World’s largest electric vehicle range test, benefitting from GroupTalk

Collaboration with Push to Talk between test drivers and rescue teams

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DMR Association and GroupTalk logo

GroupTalk is a member of Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) Association

The DMR Association is an organization that works to promote and develop the Digital Mobile Radio (DMR) standard

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Smart-Ex 03 push to talk smartphone from Pepperl+Fuchs

Smart-Ex 03 smartphone with 5G for work in ATEX areas

Next level of digitalization in hazardous areas with 5G - watch video below

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Walkie Talkie in Smartphone - streamlines the work of restaurant and event staff

Walkie Talkie in Smartphone - streamlines the work of restaurant and event staff

Festive celebrations such as Christmas and New Year's dinner are approaching

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search and rescue sweden in different pictures when they are on search missions

Search and Rescue Sweden's search missions with the help of GroupTalk

Search and Rescue (SAR) Sweden is a voluntary organization that has been in existence since 2010

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Taxi car with Taxi Norra Uppland login but iphone and grouptalk app with the panic alarm function

Modern PTT technology for the Taxi Industry

Increased safety in the taxi industry with GroupTalk PTT

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GroupTalk fallback C2000 TETRA with Push to Talk

GroupTalk as a Fallback Solution for the Dutch Police

GroupTalk C2000 Fallback enables PTT in critical situations when C2000 TETRA have problems

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GroupTalk and Personal Alarm app with a Zebra TC77 and RSM with QR code

Simplified Bluetooth Pairing with QR Codes in GroupTalk App

GroupTalks QR feature streamlines Push to Talk Accessory Pairing and Reduces Misconnections

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GroupTalk Push to Talk app with Apples iOS 17 release

GroupTalk for iOS 17 with Apples new PTT framework

A different User Experience on iPhone and iPad!

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USB-C headset for Push to Talk with GroupTalk app

USB-C Headset for Push to Talk with GroupTalk

Product News: Enhanced Push to Talk User Experience with USB-C Headset and GroupTalk App

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Bluetooth multi push to talk button with queue and panic alarm

Product News - GroupTalk Bluetooth Multi PTT Button

GroupTalk Push to Talk,  Panic Alarm and Queue features from one PTT accessory

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GroupTalk and Flash connectivity group logos

GroupTalk and Flash Connectivity Group in partnership

GroupTalk and Flash Connectivity Group join forces for Push to Talk customers in Netherlands

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Security guard working in a shopping mall

PTT in retail

A good and secure customer experience is one of the main goals in retail and shopping centers. This is achieved today through the use of modern communication and security cloud services.

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GroupTalk silent mode feature for android

Silent mode, Android application

On-screen button for Silent Mode for Android users

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GroupTalk logo

June 2023 license price lists are now available

Updated license price lists available in Knowledge Base

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GroupTalks product news in PC Dispatcher, full duplex, group locking and patching

GroupTalk Full Duplex, Group Locking and Patching

Explore our product news - Full Duplex, Group Locking and Patching

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The globe covered by the new 5G network

Fifth Generation mobile network: 5G

Every ten years or so we have seen a new generation (1G/2G/3G/4G) of mobile networks being launched. Recently 5G mobile networks have started to roll out across the globe. 

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Truck in the sunset

Push to Talk services for the Transportation industry

The transport industry focuses on business benefits through high-tech solutions

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Oil and gas platform in the sea

GroupTalk in the Rig Industry - Oil, Gas and Wind mills

Offshore industry - Communication is critical to safety & efficiency

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GroupTalk app with features like panic alarm/ personal larm status

GroupTalk User Status

Keep your coworkers posted on your User Status

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Workers at an airport wearing earmuffs with Push to Talk

Aviation industry embraces modern PTT technologies

The aviation industry embraces our modern PTT technology GroupTalk for more coordinated and efficient turnaround processes.

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A room with people with the text feel safe at work

GroupTalk Panic Alarm

Feel safe at work with GroupTalk - We offer a comprehensive and flexible panic alarm system configurable to meet your company's needs.

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3M Peltor WS PROTAC XPI with GroupTalk push to talk ptt app

GroupTalk with 3M Peltor

GroupTalk is compatible with various Push to Talk accessories, 3M PELTOR WS ProTac XPI is one of these

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ATEX Remote Speaker Microphone with ATEX case Zone 1 and iPhone with GroupTalk

Is the use of an iPhone in an explosive environment possible?

The oil and gas, mining, pharmaceutical and food industries all have one thing in common, explosive environments.

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Silva Green Fuel, Longrange Networks, Pepperl & Fuchs, Ecom, GroupTalk

A success story together with Silva Green Fuel

From wood chips to fuel. Research and development within new energy is important in a polluted world - short of energy and an over production of waste.

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PTT taxi police guard shopping mall construction transport logistics aviation oil hotel

Try GroupTalk Push to Talk for free!

Improved communication at your workplace with Push to Talk

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ATEX EX02 smartphone, GroupTalk PC Dispatch with text message feature

Text Messaging in GroupTalk is a great complement to PTT

Text Messaging is a new feature in GroupTalk that allows all GroupTalk clients (Android, iOS and PC Dispatch) to communicate using text. 

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ATEX Smart EX02 smartphone for explosive hazardous work environments. Picture of a factory

GroupTalk - Ecom Smart-Ex02 Smartphone

Explosion-proof devices for ATmosphere EXplosible (ATEX) zone 1 and 2 

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GroupTalk PC Dispatch 2 panic alarm personal alarm status private call and PTT

New and improved GroupTalk PC Dispatch version 2

The new GroupTalk PC Dispatch is a major leap forward in terms of user interface, flexibility and features. 

Watch our new GroupTalk PC Dispatch version 2 video below and see how it works in action!

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Security guard with GroupTalk two way radio with Push to Talk

Modern PTT technology for the Security industry

The security industry benefits from new Push to Talk technology

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Construction workers with Push to Talk two way radio and earmuffs with push to talk

Construction firms gets global reach and increased safety with PTT

In most regions of the world, construction workers are among the most exposed personnel for accidents, costly in both human and nancial assets. Instant communication and personal alarm can reduce the number of accidents and improve relief efforts.

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ATEX RSM Remote Speaker Microphone with functions such as panic alarm / personal alarm ptt button

Ecom RSM-Ex 01 BT Zone 2 ATEX is available for GroupTalk users

Within the oil and gas industry, it is required that workers have a specially adapted communication device for explosive environments

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the aircraft captain stands in front of an aircraft

Five digitalization trends in IT and communications

Continued digitization of documentation and mobile workforces...

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GroupTalk logo with the text callsign

Call Sign

Have you tried out Call Sign?

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GroupTalk app with features like panic alarm/ personal larm status

Communication by tone signals

In some situations when you need to be very discreet, voice communication may not be the best solution

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Light bulb with the text solution

Improved Panic alarm handling

Changes to the Panic Alarm in GroupTalk

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Settings for listening in on panic alarms / personal alarms

New panic alarm feature

Alarm monitoring, also known as “listen-in” enables central dispatchers...

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Women with headset for ptt

POC over cellular

The Future of Push to Talk Communications

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Bluetooth RSM for Push to Talk

New Bluetooth RSM with excellent value

New feature rich and ease to use Bluetooth Remote Speaker Mic (RSM) for GroupTalk users with iOS and Android devices.

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Säkerhetsbranschens logo

GroupTalk is a member of SäkerhetsBranschen

SäkerhetsBranschen is an association that brings together actors in the security industry to initiate, visualise, create opinion and drive value-creating security issues in a forum for a safer and more secure Sweden.

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Two pilots in an airplane with ptt bluetooth headset


SKEF News: Modern PTT technology boosts the security industry

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Multifunction Bluetooth PTT Button

Multifunction Bluetooth PTT Button

The ideal companion for advanced GroupTalk users

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