GroupTalk app with features like panic alarm/ personal larm status

GroupTalk User Status

Mar 30, 2023

Keep your coworkers posted on your User Status

The GroupTalk feature “User Status” is a way for users to show their status to other GroupTalk users, both mobile and PC dispatcher. A user can select a User Status from a predefined list.  The statuses are created by an administrator in GroupTalk admin and each status has both a name and optionally a color. 

A User Status should indicate a state that a user can be in, example "Available", "Busy", "On route", "Arrived at scene ","Lunch " etc. A mobile user can set his or her own User Status by clicking on the status button on the screen in the GroupTalk app, and then select one of the available statuses from the list. The selected User Status will then be displayed on the status button and it will also immediately be visible to all other users.

These are the benefits with GroupTalk´s User Status feature

The feature's main advantages is that it is flexible and centrally configurable in the GroupTalk web admin and that the user status is visible everywhere in the system, both in the GroupTalk app and for PC Dispatch. And that the users themselves and / or PC Dispatchers can change their status.

Mobile users and PC Dispatchers can easily see if their colleagues are available to assist in an accident or if they are busy with other duties. Mobile users and PC Dispatchers can easily see this without having to make a PTT call.

For example, if a PC Dispatcher receives a panic alarm that a user needs assistance in the event of a traffic accident, the PC Dispatcher can quickly and easily see if the other colleagues are available to step in and assist. Or if, for example, a user does not answer a private PTT call, the other colleague can quickly see that the user is having lunch or is busy.

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Watch the video below to learn more about our User Status feature.