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Future-proof your company with new technology for group communication

Move from old routines to new possibilities. With our Push to Talk service GroupTalk, your smartphone turns into a cloud based two way radio from the 21st century, meaning you only need one device for all forms of group communication. Less to carry, maintain, pay and charge.

With GroupTalk, you and your colleagues can communicate with each other in a group, both by speech and text. With GroupTalk, your industry gets the chance to communicate in an unhindered way with an unlimited number of users in a group. You do this by simply pressing a single button in the GroupTalk app on your smartphone. GroupTalk enables companies and their employees to quickly and easily share information, get answers to questions, coordinate work, solve problems and make decisions efficiently and securely, saving time and reducing the risk of stress and misunderstandings in the work group.

Try GroupTalk free of charge for 14 days and get access to a simple communication solution in your smartphone with global coverage worldwide via 4G / 5G / Wi-Fi, private / group calls with crystal clear voice quality and the chance to scale up the number of users across an entire industry with features such as panic alarm, call request and positioning etc. that suit your needs. Create the opportunity for your business to increase productivity, security and flexibility at a very affordable cost. ​

Read about how some of our customers Missing People, Scandinavian Airlines (SAS), Taxi Norra Uppland and Silva Green Fuel have adopted our cloud based PTT service in their work and increased their competitiveness with the help of GroupTalk.

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Try GroupTalk free of charge for 14 days!

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