People from Missing People looking for missing people using GroupTalk two way radio

Missing People

Apr 19, 2024

Missing People's search effort for missing persons with the GroupTalk service

Missing People is a Swedish non-profit organization that has been active since 2012 when they were founded in Gothenburg. Today, Missing People is a nationwide organization with around twenty regional branches around the country. The core of the organization is all the volunteers who give their time to help in the search for missing people.

Every year, nearly 26,000 people are reported to the police as missing in Sweden. Missing People's work to find missing persons is about helping the police, relatives and other aid organizations to jointly publish wanted notices and organize search efforts for missing persons.

Depending on where the person was last seen, the location where the search operation takes place may be in difficult terrain, at sea or in secluded locations. To know if the missing person has been found or if their belongings have been found, the search operation leader needs to communicate the information simultaneously to a large group of people who may be in places where the two way radio network is not always the best.

Push to Talk makes search efforts for missing people more efficient

We at GroupTalk value Missing People's work and think that they fulfill an important function in society with their work and with their commitment to humanity. That is why we at GroupTalk have since 2015 sponsored the organization both financially and with the GroupTalk service in connection with their search efforts to find missing persons.

With the help of the GroupTalk app, the people who are part of the search effort can talk to each other in groups, Push to Talk (PTT) groups from their Android and iOS Smartphones. The GroupTalk service makes it possible to click on a single button, speak to an unlimited number of PTT users in secure and private PTT groups and manage the search effort efficiently with crystal clear voice. A big advantage of GroupTalk is that the users at Missing People can use their own Smartphones as walkie talkies and with basically unlimited range over the existing 3G / 4G / 5G mobile networks during their missions.

We at GroupTalk want to join in and support Missing People's vision, which reads: no one should disappear without being found.

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