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GroupTalk's mission is to provide market leading real-time group collaboration and safety services for enterprise customers to increase the efficiency and safety of their mobile workforce.

GroupTalk has its roots in Fjord Network AB, a company founded in 2001, offering net-centric telephony services to the Nordic countries. In 2006, the first commercial Push-To-Talk service was implemented, with Scandinavian Airlines as a customer.

The GroupTalk brand has been used since 2009.

Back then the mobile networks (originally EDGE and later 3G) was challenging, and the Windows Mobile smartphones were premature. Our main focus at the time was to make sure that a limited number of customers received the best possible service and user experience based on the devices and mobile networks that were available.

Over the following years Android and iOS emerged and matured, the performance of smartphones improved signficantly and 4G mobile networks were deployed with lower latency and improved coverage.

Meanwhile the GroupTalk engineering team was hard at work developing the Android and iOS apps, web based PC Dispatch, cloud based PTT service infrastructure and web based admin. In combination with dialin support to PTT groups from the mobile network and integration with two way radio systems over IP. 

Back in 2014 GroupTalk reached a new milestone. After a long period of testing and development we signed a contract with the leading Security Company in Europe, which is now using the service across multiple countries.

Our experience from the Aviation and Security industries, combined with the evolution in the mobile industry opened for a broader business critical service offering from GroupTalk.

You will now find GroupTalk customers in many business verticals that appreciate the the ease of use, quality and flexibility of the services provided. 

GroupTalk has a proven track record and provides enterprises grade services that can be evaluate against any two way radio or PoC solution in the market.

In a world where everyone has a smartphone and digitalization is a success factor for all businesses, it makes sense (in most cases) to add a new service to your smartphone instead of getting a new radio device. 

The close cooperation between GroupTalk and our customers in the Nordic market has resulted in a service that meets the expectations of European customers and gives us a competitive edge. 

GroupTalk is a privately owned company based in Stockholm, Sweden.

GroupTalk has two subsidaries, GroupTalk NUF (Norskregistrert Utenlandsk Foretak) that was established in Norway in 2016 and GroupTalk Sweden Hardware AB from 2019.

We have a skilled, in house, development and support team in Uppsala, Sweden. The team is constantly developing the GroupTalk services and working with customer integration projects. 

We have a sales office in Oslo, Norway and work with selected international sales partners. 

GroupTalk is a member of SäkerhetsBranschen and SKEF. Company credit worthiness.

GroupTalk is a member of SäkerhetsBranschen, an association that brings together actors in the security industry to initiate, visualise, create opinion and drive value-creating security issues in a forum for a safer and more secure Sweden. The overall task of the association is to work for that the members provide good quality services with a high knowledge and act responsibly.

Member of SäkerhetsBranschen

GroupTalk is a member of SKEF – “Sveriges Kommunikationselektronik Företagare Förening” that is a Swedish trade association for retailers and suppliers aimed at professional users of wireless communication. SKEF affects the industry and the authorities by being a much sought referral organization.

Member of SKEF

GroupTalk is a privately held company with good financial health and long-term viability. 

We have been in the Push to Talk over cellular business since 2006 with a great track record of enterprise customers that appreciate our services. 

The business is growing at a good pace with with customer satisfaction and profitability as our top priority.  

Bisnode AA rating

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