Walkie Talkie in Smartphone - streamlines the work of restaurant and event staff

Walkie Talkie in Smartphone - streamlines the work of restaurant and event staff

Nov 30, 2023

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Festive celebrations such as Christmas and New Year's dinner are approaching

Restaurants worldwide are welcoming guests to enjoy delicious dishes and pastries during this time. This can result in numerous bookings and a large number of dishes to be served at different tables, placing a high burden on the staff.

The most crucial aspect in the restaurant and event industry is fast and personal service to guests, requiring efficient communication between the staff. By facilitating seamless group communication among waiters, chefs, hosts, and bar staff, they can quickly coordinate orders, address menu inquiries, handle special guest requests, or handle any other situation where effective collaboration is key. This contributes to improving service quality, increasing customer satisfaction and reducing the risk of misunderstandings and unnecessary delays.

Fires, accidents and violent guests are incidents that can happen at restaurants or events. In such crisis situations, well-organized group communication between service staff and security personnel is crucial to ensure everyone's safety and address the situation immediately.

Modernize Your Workplace's Current Radio Systems with the GroupTalk App

The advantages of GroupTalk, which turns your iPhone or Android smartphone into a walkie talkie compared to a traditional walkie talkie for the restaurant and event industry, are many.

Cost-effective: Everyone has a smartphone, suitable for one-on-one calls. However, many businesses require quick group communication and coordination. Using GroupTalk allows all teams to leverage the power of group communication without infrastructure investments or costly implementation projects. Utilizing your existing smartphone as a walkie talkie avoids the need to purchase dedicated Push to Talk devices, resulting in cost savings.

GroupTalk customers can choose from various subscriptions based on their needs and budget, offering yearly, monthly, and daily licenses for flexibility and cost effectiveness. Additionally, GroupTalk can integrate with existing communication radio systems, providing further cost efficiency and leveraging previous investments.

User-friendly: Staff using a smartphone as a walkie talkie only need one device for all forms of group communication. Less to carry, maintain, pay for and charge. It's particularly useful since many people already have their smartphones at hand. Transitioning from old routines to new solutions paves the way for smoother group communication and a more efficient workday.

Staff get started in minutes. The GroupTalk app can easily be downloaded from the App Store or Google Play. The app is easy to use, with a single press of a button, you and your colleagues can speak to each other in real-time with crystal-clear audio.

Unlimited range: With GroupTalk, staff can collaborate over any distance and are free to use their preferred mobile operators. This enables businesses and their employees to quickly and easily share information, get answers to questions, coordinate work, solve problems, and make decisions efficiently and safely, saving time and reducing the risk of stress and misunderstandings in the team. You and your colleagues can use GroupTalk just like any other app wherever you have mobile coverage. If you can scroll on social media, make phone calls, or send texts, then you can also use GroupTalk.

Increased security: GroupTalk ensures your business-critical communication and staff safety. We use a high-quality cloud infrastructure to ensure services are reliable and secure for users. By using the best mobile 3G / 4G / 5G and Wi-Fi networks, along with market-leading cloud infrastructure, users can trust that their communication is secure and available when needed. Through SSL (https) and AES 256-bit encryption, users can be certain that their communication is protected and not accessible to unauthorized parties.

We also offer the option to choose a public or private cloud service on Amazon Web Services (AWS Private Cloud) for users seeking extra security and control. This provides corporate customers an additional level of control over their data.

The GroupTalk service is scalable, adapting to your workplace's needs and evolving with your business. We address your communication needs whether you have 5 or 100,000 users. If desired, services such as panic alarm, live location tracking, recording, queues, full-duplex, video, private call, radio bridging, sharing, and more can be added to use all the powerful features of the service for an even more efficient, safer, and simpler workflow.

GroupTalk has a highly professional and skilled technical team in Sweden developing and managing the service. Our team has a long history of offering business-critical Push-to-Talk services to enterprise customers since 2006. This means our customers can trust that the GroupTalk solution is of the highest standards and proven to meet their needs.

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