New and improved GroupTalk PC Dispatch version 2

New and improved GroupTalk PC Dispatch version 2

The new GroupTalk PC Dispatch is a major leap forward in terms of user interface, flexibility and features. 

You will immediately notice the flexible layout of the new Dispatcher, where panels can be added, moved, resized, named and customized according to your workflow. There are panels for PTT Groups, Contacts, Tickets and Locations. See illustration above.

You can have different panels for PTT Groups, displaying a filtered selection of groups, favorite groups or all groups. Broadcast mode to send into multiple groups simultaneously is supported.
There are panels for Panic (emergency) alarms and queue requests (tickets). Tickets are typically used to request contact from the Dispatch or to inform the Dispatch that a user is free for a new task. An operator can in a single click pick a ticket and be ready to initiate a PTT call. 
In Contacts panels you can see if users are on-line, view your favorite contacts and easily initiate private PTT calls or text messaging. Users can set their Status and use Callsigns to facilitate the communication. 
Location panels are used to display the location of users in selected PTT groups or specific users. The maps can be set to show Standard, Satellite or Alternative views. 

Following is a list of some of the new / improved features:

Repeat message & Last speaker

  • The last incoming group and private call messages are now available per PTT Group. Press the corresponding repeat icon to replay the message.
  • The current speaker and last speaker are now displayed in the top bar of the Dispatcher, together with PTT group name, user name and the time that has passed since the message. 
  • All last messages are removed from the Dispatcher, when going offline or closing the Dispatcher browser tab. When going online again there are no last messages saved from before. 

Queue improvements

  • Ticket status is displayed in the top bar, including number of unpicked tickets and tickets picked.
  • New setting to automatically join PTT group when picking ticket.
  • Prompts a warning when selecting to go offline if having a picked ticket.
  • Nine new notification sounds to choose from for incoming tickets.
  • Dispatcher user interface now remembers the layout for where to open new ticket panels when going offline and online.
  • Queue group filtering is now easier to configure with search and organization filters.

Text messaging 
Text messaging is a feature in GroupTalk that can be added to PTT Groups as well as to private calls. This feature allows PC Dispatch users as well as mobile users on Android and iOS to communicate with each other using text. Messaging can be restricted so that a Dispatcher needs to initiate the messaging in a private call. PTT Groups can be set to “listen only” so that only Dispatchers can post messages and the mobile users can only read and not respond (convenient for groups with a large number of users). 

HID compatible accessories
The Dispatcher supports USB accessories with multiple buttons. The external physical buttons can be configured to activate PTT in different groups, pick a ticket, etc. 

Watch the video and learn how to use a USB desktop microphone with GroupTalk PC dispatch. 


Watch the PC Dispatch video below