ATEX Remote Speaker Microphone with ATEX case Zone 1 and iPhone with GroupTalk

Is the use of an iPhone in an explosive environment possible?

Feb 7, 2023

The oil and gas, mining, pharmaceutical and food industries all have one thing in common, explosive environments.

An explosive environment can consist of explosive gas, liquid or dust. Various refineries and industries must therefore work with ATEX (Atmosphére Explosible) classified electronic equipment that cannot create sparks or static electricity which can lead to an explosion.

Iphone in an ATEX work environment

With an ATEX explosion-proof smartphone case, you can use iPhones with the GroupTalk Push to Talk services in potentially explosive environments. GroupTalk provides real-time group communication without range limitations, where you can speak in multiple PTT Groups with an unlimited number of users and work more efficiently and securely.

At GroupTalk, we have experience in providing our collaboration service to companies that use ATEX equipment. By collaborating with world-leading suppliers of ATEX certified mobile phones and accessories, we can help our customers to benefit from a modern solution in a digitized world, without compromising on security.

With a simple push of a button, users of the GroupTalk service have access to real-time group communication with crystal clear voice. GroupTalk users have the opportunity to use features such as panic alarm / personal alarm, user status, private calls, text messages, queue, PC dispatch and GPS positioning in real time.

Improve the information flow and safety for your mobile workforce in hazardous areas with ATEX devices together with GroupTalk.

The video below shows GroupTalk in use with an iPhone 13 with the Xciel XCZ1 case (Compliant with Hazardous Standards: ATEX & IECEx Certified Zone 1 Group A, B, C, D II2 G Ex db IIc T5 GB Ta - 20°C to +45°C) and the ECOM bluetooth RSM-Ex 01 for ATEX Zone I and II. Watch the video to discover the possibilities of the latest ATEX products for effective group communication!