Construction workers with Push to Talk two way radio and earmuffs with push to talk

Construction firms gets global reach and increased safety with PTT

Aug 24, 2022

In most regions of the world, construction workers are among the most exposed personnel for accidents, costly in both human and nancial assets. Instant communication and personal alarm can reduce the number of accidents and improve relief efforts.

Revolutionary communication - Cloud based PTT for construction firms

Construction sites vary in size from small to large areas, as well as from one to many locations. A reliable communication service suitable for all types of projects are needed.

Trucks, escalators, crane and lift personnel need to communicate in different groups and at the same time management and planning needs to be able to get hold of resources.

Services from GroupTalk use secure communications with global coverage, PTT groups or user limitations. The service can be setup according to the customers needs, with PTT groups for the different competences, functions, areas, tasks or with generic groups. A personal alarm for exposed personnel reporting to both nearby colleagues and central resources reduce costs and gives a valid contribution to the company HSE (Health Safety Environment) procedures.