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Search and Rescue Sweden's search missions with the help of GroupTalk

Nov 14, 2023

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Search and Rescue (SAR) Sweden is a voluntary organization that has been in existence since 2010

They are a resource for the Stockholm Police Region in searching for individuals who have gone missing, are injured, or are in risky environments, either voluntarily or by accident. They work discreetly, focusing entirely on saving lives and contributing to a safer society.

Currently, SAR Sweden comprises about 70 members in the association, trained by the Police Authority, with approximately 60 active search resources. They deploy search resources operating from cars, motorcycles, ATVs, on foot with or without dogs, and drones equipped with thermal cameras.

SAR Sweden collaborates with various authorities such as the police, fire department, and other voluntary organizations to effectively coordinate and carry out their rescue missions. All searches are led by the Police, with SAR coordinators stationed both at the police station and at the designated assembly point to coordinate efforts alongside the Police. They operate according to police methods and undergo specialized training for the rescue missions in which they participate. It is always the police authority that determines whether SAR Sweden should be alerted to participate in the missions. They are a so-called FAS1 resource, and other search organizations usually come in after they have completed their life-saving part of the operation.

Unfortunately, certain groups, such as children, individuals with dementia, and suicidal persons, are overrepresented among those who go missing. When individuals disappear, extensive rescue operations are often required to search through forests and waterways, often necessitating quick and precise efforts to find them before it's too late. Many searches occur at night, and an operation can last from just an hour to several days.

Push to Talk in mobile devices streamlines search and rescue missions

At GroupTalk, we value the work of SAR Sweden and believe they serve a crucial function in society with their life-saving work and humanitarian commitment. That's why since 2019, we have sponsored the organization with the GroupTalk service during their search and rescue missions.

"By utilizing the GroupTalk service, we can save lives efficiently while ensuring the quality of our search missions! With live location tracking and the powerful Push to Talk feature, we enable fast and effective management."

Daniel Sandberg
SAR Sweden

Using the GroupTalk cloud-based Push to Talk (PTT) service with a mobile app and web based Dispatch for Communication Centers (CC), the resources involved in the search operation can communicate in groups from their smartphones in what are called talk groups, with no limitations on the number of users and reach. The GroupTalk app enables resources to speak to everyone involved in the search with a simple button press on their smartphones.

Through our straightforward communication solution, SAR Sweden manages all search operations efficiently with crystal-clear audio and unlimited coverage over existing 3G / 4G / 5G mobile networks.

Since 2014, SAR Sweden has been equipped by the Police Authority with RAKEL terminals (police radios). However, since 2019, SAR Sweden has predominantly used our Push to Talk (PTT) service during their work, providing an extra layer of real-time tracking for their resources in the field. They also find that the process of dividing all units into different talk groups is much easier with the GroupTalk service to communicate unhindered in groups during operations.

SAR Sweden also has access to GroupTalk Dispatcher, the communication center (CC). GroupTalk Dispatcher can be used on computers, tablets and smartphones. Through this service, SAR Sweden can instantly locate all its resources on the GroupTalk map, whether they are inside the Police Station or out in the field. This feature is highly appreciated by the resources involved in the searches. GroupTalk Dispatcher's functions, such as group calls, direct calls, managing personal alarms, text messages, location information, status updates, and more, enable an efficient way to provide the necessary help when someone is found, where every second counts.

At GroupTalk, we aim to support SAR Sweden in developing their operations nationally and expanding their expertise. They aspire to assist in more critical events such as forest fires, floods, and other situations risky for society.

We live in a changing world where unforeseen events occur frequently, making it crucial for voluntary organizations like SAR Sweden to exist and receive support from sponsors to carry out their important work.

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