GroupTalk and Personal Alarm app with a Zebra TC77 and RSM with QR code

Simplified Bluetooth Pairing with QR Codes in GroupTalk App

Sep 21, 2023

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GroupTalks QR feature streamlines Push to Talk Accessory Pairing and Reduces Misconnections

Do you and your colleagues face difficulties when pairing your Bluetooth communication devices like headsets or Peltor earmuffs with your phones?

Bluetooth pairing can be difficult. You accidentally pair the wrong RSM (Remote Speaker Microphone) with your phone (if other colleagues are in your vicinity and pair their RSM:s), or the RSM from yesterday's work shift has not been unpaired and is thus locked to another phone. Yes, there can be many problems with bluetooth pairing.

To simplify and enhance the pairing process, we at GroupTalk have developed a new feature in the GroupTalk app that allows you and your colleagues to use QR codes to pair Bluetooth PTT accessories.

The process is simple:
Go online in GroupTalk. Quickly and easily scan the QR code on the Push to Talk accessory using your phone's camera or scanner. Done!

Here are some advantages of Bluetooth pairing with QR codes in GroupTalk:

  1. Quick and Easy: By scanning a QR code, users can pair their devices in just a few seconds. There's no need for manual input of information or searching for devices.
  2. Reduced Risks: Since all the necessary information is embedded in the QR code, the risk of incorrect pairings is significantly reduced. This is particularly useful in industries where users switch communication devices daily and need a fast and smooth pairing process.

Watch the video below to see QR pairing with GroupTalk in action.