Security guard with GroupTalk two way radio with Push to Talk

Modern PTT technology for the Security industry

Sep 19, 2022

The security industry benefits from new Push to Talk technology

The demand for security is increasing, but most security companies are still using out-dated internal communication systems based on two way radios (walkie talkies), which is not suitable for a modern competitive industry with low margins. 

There is a huge potential to improve communication between members of a security team on the field; with more modern, but simple and user-friendly technologies.

“It is time to abandon the old walkie talkie solutions and replace them with more modern communication solutions based on digital models such as Push to Talk (PTT) over cellular phones, a service that allows subscribers to use their phones walkie talkies with unlimited range via the existing mobile networks”, says Magnus Hedberg, CEO of Group Talk, a Swedish leading supplier of professional groups and voice communications services, that recently also became a member of the Swedish trade union SäkerhetsBranschen.

A good coordination and interconnection between guards and control centres during patrolling is an important factor to be able to conduct safe and effective safety oversight. This is particularly important when it comes to monitor large areas such as shopping malls, hotels, airports, event venues, logistics centres, etc. However, a majority of those working with security today, still use traditional and out-dated two way radios (walkie-talkies) with a momentary button to switch from voice reception mode to transmit mode of communications.

“It is old and inefficient communication technologies, not suitable for an industry with low margins, an industry which at the same time, also must be in the forefront of technology, but also need to be secure, flexible, efficient and profitable”, says Magnus Hedberg.

More efficient communication in the Security Industry with PTT

Modern digital communication solutions are safe and cheap 
Until now the development of effective communication tools have been very costly and complicated. In some cases, the technology also had become out-dated before it was to be rolled out. For smaller security companies, there has not even been an option. For most of them, out of economic reasons, it has been virtually impossible to get a modern communications system with an adequate geographical coverage.

Push to Talk (PTT) enables simple and safe communication between colleagues with the touch of a single button. The solution is cloud-based and communicates directly through the users' smartphones (and tablets/laptops). The solution is safe and the sound is much clearer than walkie talkies, which reduces the risk of misunderstanding.

PTT uses the existing mobile network, without having to build and maintain their own network, and is therefore extremely cost-effective – subscription to the service may cost a few thousand per month. It is quick to roll out a PTT solution, even for tens of thousands of users and the administration is easy and flexible. Some security companies, however, is in the forefront and has already embraced the use of smartphone or PDA with apps to streamline the guards reporting procedure. To add the PTT is a natural step in continuing to enhance communication, explains Magnus Hedberg.

“The security company that has implemented PTT solutions have seen positive effects in terms of improved security monitoring, improved competitiveness, reduced costs, committed staff and better working environment”, concludes Magnus Hedberg at GroupTalk.