ATEX EX02 smartphone, GroupTalk PC Dispatch with text message feature

Text Messaging in GroupTalk is a great complement to PTT

Nov 21, 2022

Text Messaging is a new feature in GroupTalk that allows all GroupTalk clients (Android, iOS and PC Dispatch) to communicate using text. 

In some situations a text message can be a great complement to voice Push to Talk. For example, text can be used to communicate an address of a location or a name of a person that is difficult to remember. Text is also practical when communicating something that should not be overheard. The Text Messaging option can be added to PTT Groups as well as to Private Call for private Text Messaging, user-to-user.

Optimize the communication efficiency with GroupTalk

There are some configuration options when setting up Text Messaging in GroupTalk. For example you can have a PTT Group that only the Dispatchers can send messages in, whereas the mobile users can only read the messages and not reply. This can be convenient if you have an Announcement group with a large number of users and you only want one way communication.

Another option is to configure who can initiate private Text Messages. A good example is that typically you want Dispatchers to be able to send private messages to mobile users, but you do not want the mobile users to be able to initiate private messages to Dispatchers. It is a much better workflow that mobile users use the Queue functionality to contact the Dispatcher and that the Dispatcher initiates a private call to mobile users in text or using PTT.  

Adding Text Messaging to PTT Groups is a free feature for GroupTalk Users that already use Group PTT. Enable the feature and enjoy it!

Note: Android devices with Google Play or iOS devices will receive a push-notification with sound, that a new text message has been received in GroupTalk.
Android devices without Google Play will see a notification in the GroupTalk app that a new text message has been received, but there will be no push-notification with sound.

Watch the video tutorial to learn how to enable Text Messaging in GroupTalk web admin.