Bluetooth RSM for Push to Talk

New Bluetooth RSM with excellent value

New feature rich and ease to use Bluetooth Remote Speaker Mic (RSM) for GroupTalk users with iOS and Android devices.

GroupTalk users with appropriate PTT accessories have the best user experience. 

This new Bluetooth Remote Speaker Microphone (RSM) provides users with the ability to have the phone tucked away in a pocket and still have immediate access to Push to Talk (PTT), Panic Alarm (SOS), configurable function button and volume control. 

The function button on the RSM is easy to map to your preferred feature, such as queue to dispatch, repeat last incoming message, toggle to favorite PTT group, select next group, etc. 

The Panic Alarm / Personal Alarm (red SOS) button can be configured to alert your colleagues on their GroupTalk mobile devices (or any phone via SMS), GroupTalk PC Dispatchers and independent third-party emergency centrals. 

With a Bluetooth RSM you are "wireless" and there is no need for an annoying cable between your smartphone and the RSM!

GroupTalk is pleased to be able to provide this new PTT accessory, that is easy to use, feature rich, has a nice form factor and at a very affordable price. A listen only earpiece (3,5mm) can be connected for "silent" communications. Both iOS and Android devices are supported. 

Contact GroupTalk at or login to the GroupTalk Knowledge Base for more information.