IS540 ATEX smartphone with 5G

Next level of group communication in hazardous areas

Jul 4, 2024

Watch the video of IS540 with GroupTalk here Visit ExNor website here

High-performance industrial 5G Smartphone IS540 for work in ATEX zone 1/21

Companies in oil and gas, mining, pharmaceuticals, marine, food processing, battery manufacturing, and others operate in hazardous environments that require the use of ATEX (ATmosphere EXplosible) certified equipment. ATEX certification ensures that the equipment is safe to use in explosive environments and maintains a secure working environment.

Secure and improve your workday with GroupTalk and ExNor

At GroupTalk, we have extensive experience providing our group communication solution with Push to Talk, Personal Alarms, GPS positioning, Dispatch, Text messaging, and more to companies requiring ATEX certified equipment. By collaborating with world-leading suppliers of ATEX certified smartphones and accessories, such as ExNor, we can assist these companies in leveraging a modern solution in a digitized world without compromising safety.

ExNor has now launched a new robust and modern 5G Smartphone IS540 certified for ATEX use in hazardous environments. The Smartphone is operating on networks such as 5G / 4G and WiFi. The smartphone has buttons for Push to Talk and Personal alarm. IS540 can safely be used in workplaces worldwide, even for work within ATEX Zone 1/21.

With IS540, mobile workers, such as those in the oil and gas industry, chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, or energy companies, receive one of the market's most advanced rugged ATEX smartphone, following the concept of corporate mobility from ExNor. Together with the GroupTalk service, an optimal user experience for group collaboration is ensured.