USB-C headset for Push to Talk with GroupTalk app

USB-C Headset for Push to Talk with GroupTalk

Aug 31, 2023

Watch the USB-C headset video here

Product News: Enhanced Push to Talk User Experience with USB-C Headset and GroupTalk App

By combining your Android device with a wired USB-C PTT headset and the GroupTalk app, users can now enjoy an easy to use Push to Talk solution with crystal clear voice quality.

Improved Workflows with Push to Talk Functionality

The headset is plug and play, just connect it to the USB-C port of your phone and the PTT button is ready to use. The earpiece has a SNAP connector which allows easy exchange of different types of earpieces, acoustic, C-ring, G-hook, etc. depending on your work environment. 

This PTT accessory is designed to benefit a broad user base, such as industrial workers,  security personnel, hospitality, retail and many others in need of a convenient PTT solution.

Customizable Function Button for Enhanced Security

The headset is equipped with a PTT button and a versatile function button. The function button is used to activate the GroupTalk feature "Call Request" (Queue). Users have the option to reconfigure the button to other GroupTalk features that suit their needs. For instance, the function button can be used for "Personal Alarm / Panic Alarm", "Repeat Last Message", “Tone signaling” and more. In the GroupTalk app, users can select “Settings” / “Configure buttons”, and set “FN button #1” to their desired function.

Quick Setup for Immediate Use

Get started with the USB-C headset:

  1. Move the On / Off button to the right
  2. Launch the GroupTalk app on your Android device
  3. Connect the SNAP USB-C headset to your phone
  4. Accept the app's request to use the headset
  5. You're now ready to use the PTT and function buttons on the SNAP USB-C headset with GroupTalk

Tip: Press the PTT button and wait for the start “beep” before speaking to avoid the start of the conversation being lost by the recipient.


  1. Push to Talk (PTT) button
  2. Function button #1
  3. On / Off button