TimeWinder photos from event with old cars and people in clothes from 19th century

TimeWinder stops time with GroupTalk

May 2, 2024

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TimeWinder uses GroupTalk for collaboration during its nostalgia event in Denmark

They aim to create a portal to another time where visitors can get a glimpse of what happened during the period of 1875-1975. TimeWinder's visitors can expect to see people driving 70-year-old cars, displaying weapons from the turn of the century, using tools that are 100 years old, flying outdated airplanes, functionaries in clothes from the past, performances, music, collections and much more. TimeWinder is created through voluntary work, from garbage collectors to team leaders and coordinators, all are volunteers.

For the third year in a row, TimeWinder is using the GroupTalk Push to Talk service. With GroupTalk, their work team can communicate with each other in groups during the event with a single press of a button on their smartphones, for example coordinate drivers, solve problems, alert in case of incidents, inform about changes, etc. At large events, communication between the work team is a primary part of the work to ensure that the event runs efficiently and safely.

Do you want to see what machines have been used in the past, what strange inventions have propelled humanity forward, or what clothes were worn in the past? Visit TimeWinder, as the name suggests, it stops time.

If you have the opportunity to visit the event, take the chance, it will be a memory for life.

Gammal bilgamalt ånglok
gamla flygplan som flygerfamilj i kläder från 1800 talet