Settings for listening in on panic alarms / personal alarms

New panic alarm feature

Alarm monitoring, also known as “listen-in” enables central dispatchers...

Alarm monitoring, also known as “listen-in” enables central dispatchers to use the microphone in the mobile device that activated the alarm and hear what is happening remotely. GroupTalk has supported listen-in for years, but a customer recently requested an improvement: “We want an option for the alarm to be alerted in the PTT Group that the person activating the alarm currently is in and let the colleagues in the same group listen-in”. This is the way listen-in often is used in Tetra systems by public safety customers and security customers. 
This is a very smart solution as it effectively notify the nearest colleagues in your PTT Group when an incident occurs.

In the GroupTalk web admin, panic alarms can now be configured to notify the members of the active (Selected) PTT group, in addition to the central resource center. The voice from the alarm location will be routed to the members of the PTT Group.

This allows workgroups to locally be up to date with the security. It is a fact, location matters when it comes to emergencies.