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PTT in retail

Sep 8, 2022

Great customer experience in retail as a result of using modern communications and security cloud services

Providing a positive customer experience is a key objective for retail and shopping malls. From arrival to departure it is important that the customer feels safe and secure. This puts pressure on the entire organisation responsible for the facility, from the personnel in the parking lot to the management team.

Better customer service in retail thanks to PTT technology

To exceed customer expectations, internal communication between the different functions working at the facility is critical. Security personnel must be able to communicate and at the same time be warned directly from a store, restaurant or public area if a threatening situation occurs. Maintenance and service personnel must be available for the management team and in some situations a common communication group for the entire personnel is needed for quickly handling emergency situations.

The push-to-talk and alarm functionality from GroupTalk allows effective internal communication directly between personnel and different functions. Separate push-to-talk groups for different teams and the possibility of listen in between the groups provides a modern, flexible, secure and not the least a cost effective internal communication and alarm solution.