Security guard working in a shopping mall

PTT in retail

Jul 7, 2023

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A good and secure customer experience is one of the main goals in retail and shopping centers. This is achieved today through the use of modern communication and security cloud services.

From the moment customers arrive until they leave, it is crucial that they feel safe and secure. To achieve this, the entire organization needs to be responsible for creating a secure environment, from parking attendants and cashiers to the management team.

Better customer service in retail thanks to PTT technology

Retail improves customer service using PTT technology. By utilizing PTT (Push to Talk) technology, the retail industry can enhance customer service and internal communication. It is essential for security personnel to be able to communicate and receive immediate alerts directly from stores, restaurants, or public areas in the event of a threatening situation. Additionally, maintenance and service staff need to be accessible to the management team, and during emergencies, it may be necessary to have a unified communication group for the entire staff to quickly handle the situation.

By utilizing GroupTalk's Push to Talk service and alarm functionality, efficient internal communication is enabled between staff members and different workgroups. Private PTT groups for various teams and the ability to monitor conversations between groups provide a modern, flexible, secure, and cost-effective communication solution for the mall's personnel. Having security guards in place and utilizing these communication tools allows the shopping center to swiftly and effectively manage any security incidents, ultimately creating a safer and more secure environment for customers.