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When natural disaster strikes - Efficient group communication is critical

Oct 17, 2023

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Unforeseen events in a changing world

We live in a changing world, and unforeseen events occur frequently, such as natural disasters, major accidents, and even unusual incidents like terrorist attacks and pandemics. When storms, heavy rainfall causing flooding, earthquakes, or fires strike our country, residents are exposed to danger, causing disruptions in our society.

Effective group communication saves lives and minimizes damage

One of the biggest challenges in managing disaster response involving various professional groups, departments, volunteer organizations, internal and external staff, and private individuals is communication. How can a municipality or city establish communication groups that encompass all individuals involved in such responses quickly and securely?

Critical services like the police, rescue services, and fire departments communicate through the Rakel Tetra communication system in Sweden (Nødnet in Norway, Virve in Finland, C2000 in the Netherlands, etc.). But how can other individuals involved in the responses access this information?

This is where GroupTalk comes into the picture. Since 2006, GroupTalk has supported various professional organizations with our Push to Talk group communication service. It's a mobile radio solution based on open networks (3G/4G/5G and Wi-Fi) and can be used on regular smartphones. Our service is trusted by numerous customers and industries, including the Dutch police, Missing People, Save and Rescue Sweden, and many businesses.

With GroupTalk, all participants in crisis situations can access information quickly, safely, easily, and cost-effectively from their own smartphones.

We want to offer your municipality our GroupTalk service, an app that provides Push to Talk group communication via smartphones. With GroupTalk, users with Android and iPhone can participate in group chats with voice and text. Control centers can coordinate multiple groups simultaneously and track users' positions on a map, facilitating the response. The solution uses daily licenses to ensure availability at a low cost.

We asked one of the many GroupTalk users about their experience with the service in crisis and military applications, and received the following response:

"Effective and secure communication is crucial in managing both operational activities and crisis management at both operational and tactical levels! GroupTalk meets these needs excellently and has been used in military operations and in the context of security and preparedness management in large events and companies."

Terry Stewart Marriott
Security/Emergency Manager
Major/SJ MP Trl, Norway

GroupTalk is here to offer municipalities and authorities in the Nordic region a simple and cost-effective solution for collaboration in emergency situations when the national Rakel Tetra communication system is insufficient.

Contact us for an overview of the GroupTalk service for your needs and to get assistance in starting a free trial.

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