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GroupTalk Panic Alarm

Mar 10, 2023

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Feel safe at work with GroupTalk - We offer a comprehensive and flexible panic alarm system configurable to meet your company's needs.

Feeling safe at work is essential for mental and physical well-being. When employees feel safe and secure, they are better able to focus on their work, which can lead to increased productivity and job satisfaction.

In many cases, security and lone workers are vulnerable to attacks or accidents, and having a panic alarm can make all the difference in their safety. Panic alarms are an essential tool for security and lone workers, providing a quick and reliable means of calling for help in emergency situations. Panic alarms can alert security personnel or emergency responders to an incident in seconds. This can help to prevent or minimize harm, as quick action is often critical in emergency situations. For lone workers, panic alarms can provide a sense of security and peace of mind. Knowing that help is just a button press away can reduce anxiety and increase confidence when working alone.

Eurostat facts about accidents in Europe

There were 3 355 fatal accidents at work in the EU during 2020, a decrease of 53 deaths compared with the year before. In addition, there were 2.7 million non-fatal accidents that resulted in at least four calendar days of absence from work. These numbers are a collective concern. Every year, Eurostat gathers and assembles the data collected by Member States on work-related accidents. The latest available figures are for 2020, the year in which the pandemic disrupted the world of work Eurostat 2020.

Feeling safe is essential for all employees. GroupTalk advises every business to have a security system that makes their employees feel secure at work. For increased well-being and productivity and reduced human cost.

GroupTalk provides a complete panic alarm control system that gives employees direct access to security within their organization and/or external security partners. The panic alarm is activated by pressing a “panic button” and is relevant for employees in all industries. We believe that our panic alarm system can be a crucial step in decreasing the consequences of the high number of workplace accidents.

Panic alarm / Personal alarm

Our alarm system is a panic alarm / personal alarm solution for employees that may experience dangerous or uncomfortable situations at work. It can be security guards, police officers, delivery drivers, social-, healthcare-, construction- and maintenance workers who work in dangerous situations on a daily basis.

It's an efficient solution where the user can press a panic alarm button to call for swift aid. The panic alarm can be activated through a Bluetooth button, a built-in hardware button on the handset, or from the GroupTalk app.

Thus, if your company uses the GroupTalk panic alarm, an alarm can be triggered directly from every employee's smartphone. The panic alarm will be displayed and notified in the GroupTalk PC Dispatch used by emergency / operations centers and/or in other employees' GroupTalk app.  

GPS-tracking in personal alarm solutions

Emergency resolutions

When a panic alarm is triggered, a text notification is automatically sent from the GroupTalk radio or smartphone and real-time GPS location tracking is activated.

Location tracking is a valuable function for many companies. When an alarm is triggered the device will continually report its location. This function makes it easier to find the employee that activated the personal alarm.

The GroupTalk radio / smartphone can also send out an automatic SMS with a panic alarm message to preconfigured phone number(s) when the panic alarm is activated. The message may contain the user's name, other user details, and the location at the time of the alert. GroupTalk expects that features like location tracking and automatic text will facilitate quicker resolution of many unpleasant and possibly dangerous situations.

Many GroupTalk customers with a collaboration focus are already benefiting from the professional panic alarm system. Our goal is to increase the safety of every employee, by providing them the ability to use  panic alarms. You can configure the personal alarm solution according to your company's needs. 

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