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GroupTalk and Flash Connectivity Group in partnership

Aug 24, 2023

GroupTalk and Flash Connectivity Group join forces for Push to Talk customers in Netherlands

Press Release, August 2023

GroupTalk and Flash Connectivity Group are proud to announce a strategic partnership, effective from July 1, 2023. The collaboration leverages the combined expertise and resources of GroupTalk and Flash Connectivity Group to enhance the development and delivery of high-quality Push to Talk products and services to customers in the Netherlands. 

The partnership is an addition to the long-term collaboration between GroupTalk and 2WAY BV (part of Flash Connectivity Group). The partnership has now expanded across the entire group and is an important step towards expanding the Push to Talk service from public safety customers to multiple enterprise customer verticals and achieving an even larger footprint. 

The partnership also includes Flash Connectivity Group taking over the existing GroupTalk customers of Gtbase in the Netherlands.  

This strategic alliance benefits existing and prospective clients by granting them greater access to advanced communication technologies.

The next step towards innovative Push to Talk solutions

Combining the expertise of Flash Connectivity Group and GroupTalk will result in a strong combination of knowledge and innovation. Both parties are committed to optimizing and innovating Push-to-Talk and mobile workforce collaboration offerings to meet the growing demand for reliable, instant and cost-effective communications.  

This partnership assures that customers will benefit from a complete suite of collaboration services, including Push-to-Talk technologies that streamline communication processes, enhance operational safety and efficiency.

About GroupTalk

GroupTalk provides modern market leading Push to Talk, Panic Alarm, PC Dispatch and Text Messaging services, leveraging mobile networks, that meet the highest standards, to enterprise customers and public safety organizations, to increase efficiency and safety of mobile workforces.

With a focus on reliability, speed and efficiency, GroupTalk has acquired a solid position and has proven the highest availability of service across a number of industries like aviation, construction/infrastructure, energy, retail, security, public safety, transportation, road assistance, offshore/energy, hospitality, manufacturing, etc. See   

About Flash Connectivity Group

Flash Connectivity Group is a group of specialized companies that guarantee safety and efficiency in business and mission-critical circumstances with the best technological communication solutions and services. With their rich experience and history, they see opportunities in the market. That is why, in addition to Flash Private Mobile Networks, the companies 2WAY BV and PrioCom BV have been added to the portfolio, with their own focus on a specific market segment and technological solution. The focus in mutual cooperation ultimately offers the customer the best service. See