A bluetooth Push to Talk button

Push to Talk or Personal alarm from one button

Jun 4, 2024

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Our new Push to Talk accessory with IP67 certification

GroupTalk enables you and your colleagues to communicate seamlessly with each other regardless of your location with Push to Talk (PTT) or send personal alarms in the event of incidents.

To achieve the best possible user experience of the GroupTalk service from your smartphone, we recommend a PTT accessory. We are now launching our new Bluetooth Push to Talk (PTT) button SKU 509 that is IP67 certified that enables a more efficient and secure workflow, where you and your colleagues can use GroupTalk features such as Push to Talk or Panic Alarms directly from the accessory. You can choose which GroupTalk feature you would like to use on the PTT button in the GroupTalk app > Settings.

Group communication with PTT enables fast and reliable real-time communication between two or more individuals. With a push of a button, GroupTalk users can instantly speak in the PTT group and convey information. This saves valuable time and facilitates efficient exchange of information.

To increase personnel safety, panic alarms / personal alarms can be used, including alarms for lone workers. The alarm configuration is centrally managed in the web admin and pushed out to the user's phone. Various security features can be activated when a personal alarm is triggered, such as sending SMS, automatic full-duplex communication, or IP-based listen-in, real-time positioning, and panic alarms to colleagues' phones with the GroupTalk app and on the PC Dispatcher at the alarm center.

Panic alarms can be configured to remain active until reset by an authorized user. In this case, the user's phone continuously reports its position to allow a PC Dispatcher at the alarm center to track the device's real-time position. Personal alarms can also be displayed in colleagues' GroupTalk app.

Watch the video below to see the setup and how it works in real life!


  • PTT Button: Press and hold to talk, then release.


  • Personal / Panic Alarm: Press and hold the button for 3 seconds to activate an emergency alarm, which will be sent to mobile users and PC dispatchers.

Using the Bluetooth PTT button with headsets:

The Bluetooth PTT button can be used in combination with wired (3,5 mm jack / USB-C) or bluetooth headsets (for example Airpods). 

When using a wired headset the button on the headset wire will be used to control phone calls (media button) and the bluetooth button will be used to control the PTT functionality in GroupTalk.

On Android phones, there is a setting in GroupTalk to » “Prioritize phone calls”. 

If the “Prioritize phone calls” option is selected, the GroupTalk talk burst will be muted if the user is in a phone call.

If the “Prioritize phone calls” option is NOT selected, the GroupTalk talk burst will cut into the phone call, which is typically very convenient. Only the person with the GroupTalk app will hear the incoming talk burst, and not the person on the phone call.

On iPhone the option to cut into a phone call is not supported and GroupTalk will always be muted if the user is in a phone call.

Battery change:

The PTT button use one CR2032 battery, estimated lifetime 8-12 months. Release the four Phillips screws on the back side of the unit, using a Phillips drive 00x50. Slide battery out and replace.

Note: Be sure to recycle the battery.